Protecting the future

Navigating the changing mobility landscape

In a rapidly evolving mobility landscape, our commitment to safeguarding what lies ahead has never been more important to us here at AND-E.

Traditional motor insurance, while still crucial, is therefore no longer our sole focus. As the world embraces new ways of moving, including the rapid growth of micromobility with electric scooters, e-bikes, and e-cargo bikes, we’re dedicated to developing protection solutions for our customers, no matter how they choose to move.



Building the future through partnerships

Our journey into the future is not one we embark upon alone. Through strategic partnerships with innovative companies shaping the future of mobility, we collaborate with thought leaders and cutting-edge technology providers to create insurance solutions for a simpler, safer, and smarter future.

The future of mobility: KINTO Protect

Mobility is undergoing a remarkable transformation as people increasingly embrace new, flexible, and more sustainable ways to move. No longer constrained by the traditional concept of vehicle ownership, customers are now seeking more personalised and dynamic mobility experiences, where seamless and interconnected journeys are always at their fingertips.  And that’s where we come in.

Driven by our mission to protect our customers no matter what their journey, we’re proud to partner with Toyota’s innovative mobility brand, KINTO, to offer KINTO Protect.

From all-inclusive leasing to car-sharing, carpooling, and beyond, KINTO Protect is our comprehensive insurance package designed to cover the unique mobility needs of our customers by seamlessly complementing KINTO´s mobility offerings.

The future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in insurance: the Aioi R&D Lab - Oxford

Imagine a world where insurance and AI come together to create a transformative force for positive change. This is the vision of the Aioi R&D Lab – Oxford, a joint venture between Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance, AND-E, and Mind Foundry, an Oxford university spin-off that develops AI for high-stakes applications.

The Aioi R&D Lab – Oxford aims to solve global-scale societal issues through the creation of products and services powered by AI technologies – ranging from the impact of increased automation to issues related to the climate crisis and the continued ageing of populations.

The lab’s research builds on AND-E’s already successful collaboration with Mind Foundry, which has delivered improvements across customer retention, safer driving and fraud detection.

The future of Autonomous Vehicles (AV) and insurance

At AND-E, we’re committed to embracing the future of mobility and ensuring that our insurance solutions evolve in step with industry innovations. That is why we’re proud to be a partner to Oxa, a leading autonomous vehicle software technology company.

Through this partnership, we gain access to Oxa´s cutting-edge autonomous driving technology and invaluable expertise, allowing us to accurately assess risks associated with autonomous driving, create tailored coverage for autonomous vehicle owners, and streamline claims management using data-driven insights.

Together with Oxa, we’re driving innovation and shaping the future of insurance for autonomous vehicles.

We´re making tomorrow´s journey simpler, safer and smarter.

Watch the video to learn more about how we´re leading the way in connected mobility protection.