We’re leading the way in connected mobility protection.

At AND-E, we’re no ordinary insurer.

With multiple brands in our own right, we’re not only part of MS&AD group, one of the world’s largest non-life insurers, but we’re also hardwired into Toyota’s ambitions to build a happy and sustainable society in the UK and Europe. With a vision to lead the way in connected mobility protection, we’re a driving force dedicated to redefining motor and mobility insurance. Our purpose is clear: we’re here to make tomorrow’s journeys simpler, safer, and smarter.


Cutting-edge innovation for connected mobility protection

We pride ourselves on our forward-thinking approach to mobility protection in a world where traditional motor insurance experiences continuous evolution, driven by innovation and emerging technologies. At the heart of this dynamic landscape, we’re not just adapting; we’re actively shaping the future with an unwavering passion and purpose. As thought leaders in connected mobility protection, our insurance products and solutions are designed not only to safeguard today’s customers, but also to embrace the boundless possibilities of tomorrow.


Our footprint across Europe and South Africa

Our insurance presence in Europe is rooted in six key locations, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and Belgium. Expanding our horizons, we collaborate with local strategic partners, extending our distribution network across over 30 countries in the Nordic, Baltic, Commonwealth of Independent States, Adriatic, and Balkan regions. Beyond the European borders, we’ve forged strategic alliances with Toyota as far as South Africa.


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