Our history and heritage

Welcome to our journey: a celebrated history spanning nearly 140 years.

As an integral part of the global Japanese insurance giant, MS&AD, we draw immense pride from our robust heritage as a multi-award-winning motor insurer, with a celebrated history spanning nearly 140 years.

One unwavering commitment has guided us throughout. To deliver products, services, solutions and value to our customers and Toyota, no matter what their journey.


Celebrate our remarkable journey by taking a tour through our past, and explore the milestones that have shaped us into a visionary insurance partner for the future.


    Our journey begins

    Our story began in July 1889, when Nippon (Nissay) Life Assurance Co., Inc. was formed by Sukesaburo Hirose. A pioneer within the industry, we became the first Japanese insurer to offer profit dividends to policyholders.


    From Japan to the UK

    Dowa Fire and Marine Insurance Company Ltd was founded in Japan. It was later established as a UK branch in 1968.


    The establishment of Toyota Insurance Management

    Toyota Insurance Management was founded in the UK and set up to act as Toyota's internal insurance competence centre.


    Aioi: Unity in mergers

    Chiyoda and Dai Tokyo merged to create 'Aioi', signifying 'unity' in Japanese. This was also the year when Dowa Fire and Marine merged with Nissay General Insurance to establish the Nissay Dowa Insurance Company.


    Our inception in the UK

    Aioi Motor and General Insurance Company of Europe Ltd. was established in the UK.


    A pivotal year for AND-E's expansion

    The year 2005 marked a significant expansion of our presence in Europe, with the establishment of branches in Belgium, Germany, and France. During this same year, we also launched our life insurance subsidiary, AND-E LIFE, in Germany, further enriching our portfolio.


    Broadening our European reach

    Expanding our horizons further, 2007 saw the establishment of our branches in Italy and Spain, solidifying our presence across Europe.


    Merging strengths: MS&AD and Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance

    Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group, Aioi Insurance, and Nissay Dowa General Insurance - merged to create our parent company, MS&AD Insurance Group. At the same time, Aioi Insurance and Nissay Dowa Insurance came together to form 'Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance'.


    Driving digital transformation

    In a move to expand our core capabilities, we acquired the telematics pioneer Big Innovation Group Limited (BIGL) and its subsidiaries, including insurethebox and MOTIX Connected. The acquisition was completed in 2018, marking a pivotal step in our business transformation.


    A strategic evolution

    In preparation for the post-Brexit landscape, we set up our European holding company, ANDEL, and restructured our corporate organisation, resulting in the formation of two insurance entities: AND-E SE, headquartered in Luxembourg, and AND-E UK, based in the United Kingdom.


    KINTO Protect launched to support Toyota´s mobility vision

    To support Toyota´s new mobility brand, KINTO, we established KINTO Protect, our own white-label insurance brand.


    A ground-breaking joint venture

    Together with our Japanese parent company, Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance, and our AI partner, Mind Foundry, we launched a joint venture research lab: the Aioi R&D Lab – Oxford. Together, we´re harnessing the power of AI to address some of the world´s most pressing challenges.


    Pioneering insurance solutions for autonomous vehicles

    We began our collaboration with Oxa, a leading autonomous vehicle technology company. This strategic alliance allows us to better understand how we can protect our customers in the age of self-driving vehicles.