What we do

Cutting-edge innovation for connected mobility protection

At AND-E, we’re no ordinary insurer.

We’re the architects of change in a world where motor insurance meets rapid innovation and emerging technologies. At the heart of this dynamic landscape, we’re not just adapting; we’re actively shaping the future. As thought leaders in connected mobility protection, our insurance products and solutions are designed not only to safeguard today’s customers, but also to embrace the boundless possibilities of tomorrow.

In this exciting future, our insurance solutions become more than just policies; they become personalised, predictive, and proactive enablers that will help to build a safer and simpler mobility ecosystem for the future.

Through our Toyota Insurance Services branch network, we take pride in our strategic partnership with Toyota, serving as their European centre of excellence. With a clear purpose to make tomorrow’s journey’s simpler, safer and smarter, together we’re leading the way towards a brighter mobility future – driven by a firm commitment to help Toyota realise its vision of mobility freedom for everyone.

future of mobility

Private motor insurance

At the core of our business, we provide motor insurance products and solutions that protect our customers, no matter what their journey. It’s not just a commitment; it’s our passion.

Commercial motor fleet insurance

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, motor fleets are a vital asset to our customers. With a strong understanding of the evolving challenges faced by fleet managers, we offer more than just insurance coverage; we provide peace of mind.

Life insurance

In times of uncertainty, securing peace of mind becomes a priority. This is where our payment protection insurance (PPI) steps in.

Protecting Japanese businesses in Europe

For over 30 years, thanks to our long-standing relationship with Japan, we’ve become a trusted partner to some of Europe’s major Japanese businesses.

Protecting the future

In a rapidly evolving mobility landscape, our commitment to safeguarding what lies ahead has never been more important to us. Traditional motor insurance remains at our core, but it is no longer our sole focus.