Driven by responsibility

Business and Environment

Full Hybrid Insurance: at the intersection of sustainability and savings

Our pioneering Full Hybrid Insurance, first developed in Italy, embraces a forward-thinking approach that aims to promote eco-friendly driving habits. Based on the proportion of distance covered in electric mode (EV) versus petrol, drivers can enjoy the rewards of a more sustainable future with a potential discount on their renewal premium. By integrating traditional insurance products with modern, data-driven approaches, this bespoke insurance not only aligns with our environmental objectives but also contributes to broader societal goals.

Young child plugs electric car charger in
Meet our Green Teams: promoting sustainability, one action at a time.

Behind the scenes, our sustainability journey is powered by the passionate colleagues in our Green Teams. Comprising over 20 individuals spanning 13 departments across two markets, their passion is fuelled by a continuous flow of innovative green ideas.  One of our latest initiatives was when we joined forces for one of our regular Clean-Up Days. Beyond simply picking litter, these efforts embody our commitment to fostering cleaner cities and supporting local communities wheretogether, we are making a meaningful difference, one green initiative at a time.

AND-E's collaboration with Hektar Nektar to save the bees

At our German branch, we proudly support PROJEKT 2028 in collaboration with Hektar Nektar, working towards a vital cause – the increase of the bee population in Germany. Our shared objective is ambitious: to contribute to a 10% rise in Germany’s bee populations by 2028. Within our company beehives, a thriving colony of over 750,000 bees currently finds shelter. Every year, we harvest our own honey, symbolizing our ongoing commitment to sustainability and the wellbeing of our ecosystems.

Going digital for a greener tomorrow

In our commitment to sustainability, we’ve transitioned from traditional paper brochures to a digital approach. In Germany, we’ve launched a unique initiative to boost digital adoption: for every new customer who registers on our portal, we plant a tree in their honour. In the UK and other markets, customers can choose between digital and physical policy materials, reflecting our broader commitment to eco-friendly practices. This shift significantly reduces our paper usage, aligning with our core values of sustainability and responsible corporate citizenship.