What drives us

Our journey is not just about business. It’s about people.

We believe in empowering our brilliant community of people to thrive in their careers, make a difference for our customers, and be part of our pioneering journey.


We’re proud to be part of a vibrant community and ecosystem, where each individual contributes to our collective success. Embracing diversity in all its forms, we´re committed to fostering a culture of trust, open dialogue and knowledge exchange, where insights and ideas flow freely and innovation can thrive. In our pursuit of excellence, we break down silos and nurture collaboration across departments and locations, acknowledging that our true strength lies in our unity. In this inclusive environment, our people are not just encouraged; they are empowered to bring their authentic selves to work, supported in their personal growth, motivated to thrive in their careers, and be part of our pioneering journey.


At our essence is an unwavering dedication to excellence. We encourage every individual to step forward, take charge, and truly own their responsibilities to support our customers at every stage of their journey.

We’re also focused on supporting our people to deliver exceptional customer service and build successful futures. And our commitment doesn’t end there; our comprehensive benefits reflect our deep-rooted care and appreciation for every team member.


We’ll transform the future of mobility insurance by investing in emerging technologies, providing a supportive culture, and empowering our people to become industry thought leaders.

Embracing the philosophy of continuous improvement, we welcome fresh perspectives and transformative ideas that propel us forward. As we venture into new territories, we offer a wealth of learning and growth opportunities to keep our team at the forefront of industry leadership.