AND-E is committed to fighting forest dieback and climate change

Munich- June 2022. Insurance companies play a pivotal role in identifying and assessing new and emerging risks. Their approach to sustainability is therefore fundamentally important, not merely to the rest of the corporate sector, but to the whole of human society.

As a company with a clear mission to create a world-leading financial services business that contributes to the development of a vibrant society and sound future for the planet, we have always strived to integrate sustainable practices into our day-to-day operations. This is why, a few months ago, our German Branch in Munich decided to partner with Aktion Baum, a tree-planting non-profit organization based in Hamburg.

Planting a tree for every new registration

No paper, no mailing, no follow-up calls – thanks to our customer portal countless lengthy tasks, such as changing contact information or getting in touch with Customer Service, have now become much easier and can be handled electronically. Our digital customer portal saves our clients time and helps us to cut out paper, but we wanted to do something more tangible to help the planet.

With the ambition to involve our customers in our sustainable initiatives, we launched the campaign “Every registration a tree”. In partnership with Aktion Baum, we have planted a tree for every new registration on our customer portal. By January 2022, we were able to reach 6,000 donated trees. Our final goal is to plant a total of 10,000 trees by the end of 2022.

To contribute to this ambitious goal, our colleagues in Germany have decided to get involved and devoted part of their wages to supporting the campaign. Thanks to their contribution, we were able to add a further 600 trees to the donated amount.

Jürgen Heinrich, Head of Customer Care at AND-E Germany and one of the project´s initiators, elaborates:

“As a mobility insurer, we already offer our customers several sustainable products and solutions, such as our hybrid insurance. It was great to see how our colleagues are always willing to go the extra mile and do their part to contribute to a more sustainable business and future for the whole of society.”


AND-E employees will plant their own forest

As part of a corporate initiative to involve our employees in the company´s environmental goals, the AND-E Green Team has planned a joint tree-planting campaign for the coming autumn. Our employees will have the chance to get together and make an impact on our planet by creating our very own “AND-E forest”, located just a few kilometres away from our German office. This initiative is aimed at compensating for our CO2 footprint, supporting an environmental cause, and empowering our people to leave their own mark.

“This tree planting project is one of the many initiatives within our sustainability strategy,” emphasizes the Branch Manager Martin Spangenberg. “Forests represent 80% of the earth’s biodiversity and play an essential role in the fight against climate change. By reforesting existing forests, we not only support climate protection, but also promote biodiversity and create a recreational space for the region.”


“We are always happy to partner with companies such as Aioi Nissay Dowa Europe, with whom we share many values. The commitment of the company and that of the employees is impressive, and we are very much looking forward to our joint tree planting initiative this autumn to advance forest landscape restoration in Germany together,” says Lars Hermes, founder and managing director of Aktion Baum.